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Culinary moments

Here at the Villa you can you experience the culinary depth of Morocco and the gastronomy skill of our chef. Choose from a menu of both Western and Moroccan dishes.

At times we hold special themed culinary evenings. Such as Indian night, where we prepare traditional dishes from the Indian kitchen, including Tikka Masala and Vindaloo.

Lamb steak

Accommodation and Pricing

Our proud restaurant is a highlight of your stay at Hill Valley. You are also welcome to reserve a table without being a guest. We provide dinner and lunch for birthdays, engagement parties, smaller weddings, and other similarly sized gatherings. Please note: Because of the current Covid-19 situation, we will normally only host up to 12 people. However, special arrangements can be made to host up to 24 people. Get in touch with us to learn more. We offer meals made to order per your request. At the bottom of this page you will find some offerings of full-course meals consisting of four dishes. A lunch, dinner or supper meal cost 600 DH per person. This includes soft drinks.

Food. Fish

The Food

The world-renown fish of Asilah is an aspect not to be missed out on. Every night you can see fishing trawlers coming from all corners of the world gathering right outside the coast and lighting up the Atlantic under the night sky. Make sure you check out the fish dishes during your stay at Hill Valley. We are proud of offering you food made of the best local ingredients. Fresh vegetables and spices from our own garden and nearby farms, milk straight from the cow, and locally produced Arabic cheese. This makes for a gastronomic experience you will not get anywhere else.


Exquisitely crafted
culinary moments

Food on table

Culinary Moments

Indulge in exciting tastes of exclusive and exotic food. The chef masterfully cooks to impress you every time. Explore our menu or request specially made dishes tailored to your taste. Be amazed by the food offered at the Hill Valley Luxury Villa, and let it be a central part of your vacation.

Food on table

Exquisite ingridients

The kitchen at Hill Valley Luxury Villa always makes use of top-quality ingredients. Homegrown in our own garden, fished right by the nearby coast, or otherwise provided by the local area – the ingredients could not be any fresher, and that is something you can really taste.

Food on table
Freshly baked bread

Freshly Baked

The smell of fresh bread fills the halls, inviting you to breakfast. We bake Moroccan Khobez and other kinds of bread every morning. Try our traditional breads, buns and pastries for lunch, supper, and as a snack as well.

Food on table
Tea time cakes

Afternoon Tea

Tea is a central part of Arabic culture. Partake in in this relaxing tradition with afternoon tea in the lounge or garden area. It might also be accompanied by a treat, should you so desire. Take a moment to let the surroundings sink in as you enjoy your cup. This is a great time for introspection, contemplating or a chat with a friend.

Lunch menu
Dinner menu

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